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Would you or someone you know like to be pampered every month?  We have just the thing for you! The Enchanted Bath Box has arrived!


This monthly subscription box always includes luxurious pampering items and amazing samples so you'll know what you like! You'll receive a variety each month and it will be different every time!  


Products you can expect are things such as handmade soaps, spa bars, bath bombs, shower steamers, bubble truffles, bubble bars, scrubs, whips, shave soaps, soap trays, scrubbies, and many more fantastic handmade bathtime treats for your ultimate relaxation!


Priced competitively at a monthly secure charge of $24.95 + shipping in the continental United States, we believe you're in for a treat!

What is the Enchanted Bath Box?

How This Works
  1. Fill in your billing information. 

  2. Fill in the recipient's information if it's different from the billing information (such as when giving this as a gift). 

  3. SUBMIT your information.

  4. ADD the Enchanted Bath Box subscription TO YOUR CART. 

  5. CHECK OUT and PAY for the first month from YOUR CART.

  • IF YOU ARE PURCHASING OTHER ITEMS, PLEASE DO THAT AS A SEPARATE PURCHASE so that we can record the lower shipping charge for JUST the subscription box! 

  • Regardless of the date of your purchase, the first shipment will be sent out on the 8th of the month*

  • *Bath Boxes are sent out on the 8th of the month (or close, due to holidays and weekends).

  • After this initial purchase and all successive months until you cancel, you'll be charged $24.95 + shipping, on the 1st of the month.

  • If you're a NEW subscriber and you're ordering mid-month, don't worry, we won't double charge you on the 1st for your initial box. We will begin your recurring billing on the 1st of the month, starting with your 2nd box. 

  • If the recipient's address is different from the billing address, resulting in a different shipping charge, the shipping charge will be adjusted for the 2nd and all following months. 

Please fill in your information

Thanks for submitting your information!

Don't forget to ADD the subscription to your CART and then CHECK OUT. 

Allergy and Ingredient Warning

Please note that we use coconut oil in many of our products! We apologize to those of you who may have an allergy to coconut oil, as we do not currently offer alternatives at this time.


If you're concerned about possible allergies, please read the ingredients lists for various products we offer to determine if our products are right for you. If you have specific inquiries, please contact us using the website contact form. Thank you! 

We use no pthalates or parabens. None of our ingredients are ever listed on the California proposition warning list. We do not use SLS, opting instead to use SLSA, which is a derivative of coconut oil. We in most cases use biodegradable glitter instead of cosmetic glitter. We use skin-safe micas and FDA approved batch dyes. For all essential and fragrance oil use, we abide by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and usage rates as well as oil manufacturer suggested rates and we use the more stringent requirement (the lesser amounts) or less, for your safety. For infusion and botanical additive products, we grow many of the plants ourselves organically, without pesticides or manufactured fertilizers. 

Some common ingredients you'll see in our products (this is NOT a comprehensive list) are:

Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil (sustainably sourced), sunflower oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil (occasionally), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oils, essential and fragrance oil blends, fragrance oils, salt, micas, dyes, oxides, activated charcoal - Menthol is added to our shower steamers

This is not a comprehensive list. Please see individual products for more detailed and complete ingredient lists. 

Cancellation and Return/Refund Policy

You may cancel at any time by emailing us via the contact form here on the site. If your payment has already been processed for a month, that monthly box will be shipped on the standard shipping date and you will not be charged for or receive further months. 


Due to the nature of bath and body products, no returns/exchanges are permitted and no refunds are given. Thank you for understanding. 

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