“Live long and bathe often!”- a very clean VulcanPhenomenon handmade soap is a BOLD, outstanding blend of intriguing fragrance and silky soft moisturizing oils, to give you an out of this world experience! When I set out to choose the fragrance for this soap, I wanted to make it so alluring that resistance to buying it would be futile. Phenomenon is scented with a stellar effervescent orange and grapefruit combination with beaming notes of white grape, lime, and a dash of cognac. It’s cleaner than a Klingon, fresher than a Ferengi, fruity, and fun. Bathe among the stars with this original handmade soap. Accented with Gold, Red, and Blue, this anomalous soap contains activated charcoal, which is great for even Gorn skin. Decorated with biodegradable glitter, this soap aims for the stars! Net wt. 5.6-6.4 oz (6 oz average / 170g) Ingredient DATA: distilled water, saponified oils of coconut, olive, sustainable organic palm, sunflower, and castor, fragrance oil, cosmetic grade mica colorants, biodegradable glitter, activated charcoal 

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