Love’s Spell Bubble Truffle

Love’s Spell Bubble Truffle

With an amazing famous fragrance like this one, these truffles are magnificent! If you're ready for some bubbly goodness, give these Love’s Spell Bubble Truffles a try! They have all the components of a great truffle: SLSA for bubbles (not the same as SLS - SLSA is derived from coconut oil), organic cocoa butter to moisturize, and cream of tartar for the signature fluffy texture. These truffles also have relaxation-inspired additives such as rose petals and they're scented with that world famous fragrance so you'll feel like you're in a relaxation paradise every time you use one. Directions
Hold truffle under running warm bath water for wonderful foamy bubbles. Agitate water for more bubbles. 

Baking soda, sodium laurel sulfoacetate, cream of tartar, corn starch, organic cocoa butter, liquid glycerin, cosmetic grade colorants, fragrance oil, rose petals, polysorbate 80 Net wt. 2 oz

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