We have a lot of customers ask us for lavender soap. To be honest, when we started growing it in our gardens a few years ago we didn't know a great deal about it so we did some research on it and on its resulting essential oil. You'd be AMAZED by all the factors which lead to a perfect oil for your skin! 

The essential oil in this soap comes from a particular valley in France where the temperature stays within a certain range and rainfall is consistent for the perfect amount of moisture. The soil is rich and a specific type for a better yield and fragrance. Doesn't that valley sound fantastic? We want to visit! 

While we can't afford to visit France on a whim, what we CAN do is bring a bit of France to YOU by providing you the highest quality rating lavender essential oil. :) 

This isn't your typical lavender soap. The fragrance of this special soap is decadent, rich, and full. We hope you appreciate the effort put into this pampering product and we hope you enjoy it! You deserve it!

Distilled water, saponified oils of coconut, olive, sustainable palm, sunflower, and castor, essential oil, titanium dioxide, cosmetic grade skin-safe mica colorants, sodium lactate, may contain organic lavender buds 

Net wt. 5.6-6.4 oz (avg 6 oz = 170g)

Lavender Lover's Soap


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