Faerie Fantasy soap

Faerie Fantasy soap

Our Faerie Fantasy soap is the perfect treat! Originally crafted for winter holiday shows, this soap was so popular we had requests to put it in our year-round production! Faerie Fantasy handmade soap is scented as if snowflakes of candy are falling from the sky. With top notes of tangerine, juicy peach, lemon drop, and cotton candy, and sweeter notes of sugar and a faint apple, this fragrance smells like fresh fallen snow candy! There are two versions of this handcrafted soap since it is in such high demand: “Faerie Fantasy” is our standard 6 oz size bar (still quite large compared with the industry standard of 4 oz). These are decorated with an artisan swirl, biodegradable glitter top, and special “snowflake” shimmery mica inside the bar! “Faerie Fantasy Holiday Edition” is a special High-top soap weighing in around 8 to 9 oz! It’s decorated the same as the standard version plus it has an extra-high top “frosting,” capped with a festive sparkly snowflake soap. This can only usually be found at our holiday shows. Both bars are sure to put you in a festive spirit!Ingredients: Soap - Distilled water, Oils of olive, coconut, palm 
(sustainably sourced), sunflower, and castor, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), fragrance oil, cosmetic grade micas, sodium lactate, biodegradable glitter

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