Custom Crayon Name (6 letters)

Custom Crayon Name (6 letters)

Custom-Made Crayon Names!
I’m taking orders now. 


These are $10.50 for up to 6 letters, $1.75 each additional letter, plus shipping from area code 30179 (Temple, GA). Additional letters need to be purchased separately using the “Additional Letters” item FOR EACH letter over 6. (Ex: if the name has 9 letters, purchase this item and 3 additional letters - you’d have four items in your cart) 

If you have less than 6 letters in a name I put dinosaurs and other shapes in the box. Colors are random. I’ll try to add some variety. 

If you have a name which won’t fit in one box, either try using a nickname or it’ll have to be put into two boxes. The letter M takes up a space and a half if you’re trying to figure out if it’ll fit in one box. 

You’re welcome to send me a message to ask about certain names fitting in one box. It may take a day to get back to you though, because I make the letters as they’re needed. 😉 

Letters are packaged in gold-colored shiny jewelry boxes as shown, with the cotton strip underneath. I’ll place a rubber band around them so they stay shut in transport and use a bubble mailer to ship. 😊

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