Cracklin Campfire Sample Soap

Cracklin Campfire Sample Soap

Do you love the smell of a campfire but dislike the after-smell of smoke on your clothes? This soap would be perfect for you! 

This masculine mix begins with top notes of pine, balsam, and bergamot. It moves to the middle with a mix of white flowers and sandalwood. Bringing in the base of the smell are patchouli and violet. 

When I first heard of this fragrance I personally wasn’t enthused. I’d had friends tell me I needed to make a soap like this so I tried it anyway. I love this now! I hope you will too. :) 

Ingredients: distilled water, saponified oils of coconut, olive, sustainably sourced organic palm, sunflower, and castor, sodium lactate, activated charcoal, fragrance oil, cosmetic grade mica colorants 

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