Beveled spanish cedar soap dish

Beveled spanish cedar soap dish

These beveled Spanish cedar soap dishes are not only attractive, they’re also functional and aromatic!

Extend the life of your handmade soap with a soap dish which drains off excess water. The beveled design allows the water to run right off of your soap. 

These soap dishes are made by hand in the USA and have a fantastic and natural Spanish cedar aroma to them. 

We recommend buying two they’re so great! While a soap dish significantly extends the life of your hand made soaps, did you know that it is possible to also extend the life of your hand crafted natural wood soap dishes?  From experience, with constant daily use and water exposure in the shower, these dishes can last eight months to a year or more. 

To extend the life of your soapdish, I encourage customers to use one for a month then swap it out for the other. Clean the first one with a damp cloth and set it aside to let it dry outside of the shower/bath area during the next month. Then alternate. This will greatly extend the life of any wood in a watery environment. Allowing dishes to fully dry out every few weeks will help prevent mold and mildew from developing and it will prevent wood from becoming waterlogged and rotting.