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Natural Remedies and Properties

Throughout history and folklore, herbs and other plants have been associated with natural, medicinal, and magical properties. We consider these when hand-crafting our products.  To provide you all-natural solutions, putting you in control of your own health and beauty care, we offer you these organically grown products straight from our garden.


On this page we list for you some common remedies and properties associated with the plants and herbs in our products.  We grow these herbs and plants on our property in northwest Georgia, with no toxic pesticides or fertilizers.  We enjoy hand picking them for you and we believe positive energy makes a difference. Enjoy! 

Please look for this list to be updated as the seasons change and we add more herbs and plants to our products. 


Used to incite love and lust; associated with prosperity and money; and often used on the skin or by burning to bring protection from evil spirits; brings good luck to a new home


Used to attract money and prosperity; used on the skin, burned, or in a poultice to bring healing and protection; burned as part of purification rituals and for cleansing of a home; helps eliminate blackheads, great in face and body soap for acne


Used on the skin or burned for purification; associated with protection from harm and from evil spirits - we have coconut oil in most of our soaps


Used on the skin or burned to heal sickness; said to help cure headaches when worn on the skin / used in soap


Burned or used on the skin to accelerate healing; typically associated with bringing good health; burned or used on the skin to bring protection from harm to the user


Burned or smelled to help aid in curing a cold or the flu; is said to help keep fevers away


Often associated with inciting love and lust when worn on the skin; used in baths for purification; used to bring restful sleep to the user; and frequently associated with bringing happiness to a home and helping to cure depression

Lemongrass / Lemon

Whether burned or worn on the skin, is supposed to bring love or lust to the user; used in purification rituals and baths


Worn on the skin or burned to accelerate recovery from a cold or flu; used as an aid in bringing happiness and helping to cure depression


Burned to bring about money and prosperity


Used on the skin to attract love and lust; burned for good luck, money, and prosperity


Used to bathe with for purification; used on the skin to accelerate healing; burned to bring sleep and rest


Used on the skin to incite love and especially lust in those around the user; is said to relieve headaches and stress


Burned in rituals to bring about love and lust; burned or used on the skin for purification; used on the skin to aid in restful sleep; burned to fight depression and bring happiness to the user; stimulates and improves memory; is said to preserve youth when worn on the skin; whether burned or used on the skin, aids in quicker healing of the sick and diseased


Burned for money, prosperity, and healing


Used on skin or burned to accelerate healing; said to improve mental powers


When burned is said to aid in finding love and lust, aid in healing, provide restful sleep; associated with good health in general; is burned in purification rituals; boosts courage and energy levels


Is often worn on the skin or burned to incite love and lust; burned or worn on the skin to improve mental powers

We make no guarantee these plants or herbs have medicinal or other value as indicated in this chart. We've gathered this information from several sources and make no warranty as to its truthfulness. We do however believe in natural living, home remedies, and we place personal value in the ancient art of the mother earth apothecary. 

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