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We are a family business located in rural northwest Georgia, USA. We take pride in using materials Made in America. Actually, much of the material we use in our products is grown in our gardens right here at home. We have five separate gardens and are working on a sixth and soon a greenhouse. Our home is filled with plants and we give them lots of love, hoping the positive energy and care we provide them, in turn helps you.

We use no manufactured fertilizers or pesticides. We grow all our plants the old-fashioned organic way. Some seasons that means we have less of one plant than another and our product offerings reflect that. We believe in being kind to each other and in the natural way of living. Here is our family;

John - The goofball father of the family is a nature-lover who tries his best to protect the environment. John previously worked as a civil engineering CAD designer before changing careers. He now holds a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Illinois and he taught college for 14 years before being laid off.  He now does website design and CMS work, and communication consulting from home. While searching for a Communication or CMS job in the area west of Atlanta, John decided to fill his time creating a business out of something we already do and love. John makes most of the soap and works on the website. He also loves kayaking, sci-fi, classic rock, classical, and old jazz music, and aspires to one day build a cob house. He loves playing video games and loves playing with his two sons.

Shelly - The kind-hearted mother of the family is a nature-lover who absolutely loves growing things from seeds (y'all, we have a lemon tree she grew from a seed she got out of the lemon in her restaurant tea). Shelly conceptualized the business. She hails from Virginia and lucky for John, she moved to the west Georgia area because she thought it was pretty. Shelly had a previous career in computer repair and now works as a pharmacy technician and has a strong work ethic. Everyone she meets says she is helpful and kind. Shelly makes all our bath bombs, candles, and lip balm. Shelly loves N'SYNC (not kidding) and a lot of good music too (I'm sure I'm going to get punched for that comment). She has adapted well to a natural living lifestyle and has grown to love it. She appreciates nature and cares for the animals who live on our property. We have several a dog, red tailed hawks, a few lizards, squirrels, a chipmunk, a family of rabbits, some deer, and a few box turtles who all live on our property. Shelly created an unprotected garden specifically to feed the deer and rabbits.


Freedom -  The silly and happy oldest son of the family already loves nature. He makes people smile and does silly things all the time to make us laugh. Freedom loves Thomas the Train and Paw Patrol. We aren't writing much more about our boys here because, well, this is the internet and there are some bad people in this world. We hope you respect our decision.  

Khan - The youngest son of the family so far seems to like nature as well. He loves being outside with us and he loves listening to the wind. We aren't writing much more about our boys here because, well, this is the internet and there are some bad people in this world. We hope you respect our decision.  

We are a family, resolute that good things will come to us if we work hard enough for them.  With that in mind we set a goal to create our own online business we can run from home.  John is still seeking work but this way eventually, maybe either John or Shelly can home-school the boys and spend lots of time with family. That is the hope of this website. 

We greatly appreciate your business. Thank you for reading about us. Now please,.. please,... buy something! :) 

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We would appreciate your feedback on this site or on our products. Please let us know what we can do to make your shopping experience better. If you have an idea or would like to see us carry something, please let us know that too. 

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