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3 and Free Sample Sets!

Have you thought about buying our soaps but hesitated over the price or the size of the soap, not wanting to dedicate yourself to a large bar if you weren't sure how it smelled? We have a solution for you!

You pick 3 guest-sized sample soaps and we randomly choose and give you a fourth one FREE!  

This way you get to choose a VARIETY of soaps for less of a price so you can test out the soaps and see what you like! PLUS, we add in a fourth sample soap for FREE, giving you something you might otherwise not have picked, but might end up loving just as much! 

Mix and Match however you like! If you pick 3 we add in a 4th for FREE! If you pick 6 we add in 2 for FREE! If you pick 9 we add in 3 for FREE! 

This is a Slider Gallery. Click the arrows on either side to scroll through the choices! More are coming soon!

Here are a few examples of customer favorite picks:

Curious about the size of these Sample Soaps?

Customers typically say our normal bars are LARGE. Several customers have mentioned they cut the bars in half they're so large. That's what gave us the idea to do this! These sample bars are half the size of our normally large bars.

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